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hurricane so to speak because if it hadn't passed we would have lost $375 million. >> reporter: officials say they will not be raising tuition this year. but it could happen again next year and there will be fee increases. still they hope prop 30 will make a difference in stabilizing a system that has been off balance ever since prop 13 started taking away its ability to raise revenues through property taxes. recently they have had to resort to layoffs and so-called efficiency cuts while relying on state money frozen in time. >> the state is providing the same level of funneling it's did in 1997 when there were 75,000 fewer students amend one less campus. >> the football coach is make over $2 million a year. >> reporter: this philosophy major says the school still needs to make better decisions. >> our chancellor makes more than governor. the president of the board of regents makes more than the president of the united states. so the money is there.
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it's a crisis of priorities. it's not a question of lack of funds. >> reporter: after a protest that lasted several hours they were planning a sleep-out here on sproul plaza but with the rain, they say they are not sure they are going to follow through with that. but they say they plan to have another demonstration at next week's uc regents meeting. >> thank you, joe vazquez in berkeley. more than 100 prisoners in one bay area county could go free in the next few months because of the voter-approved change in the state's "three strikes" law. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez asked, who gets out and who decides? len. >> reporter: that's right. some of the first people convicted under the "three strikes" law have been serving in prison since the mid 1990s. now some of those nonviolent offenders are going to be asking the counties they came from to get out of prison early and some of those from santa clara county might be the first out the door. >> these are all the three strikes cases where the defendants are eligible for resentencing from santa clara
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county. >> reporter: the names and cases contained in these red books could be among the first three strikers in california to be released under the newly passed proposition 36. >> this county was pro active because as the district attorney, i supported proposition 36. >> reporter: district attorney jeff rosen got ahead of the curve and began compiling the list even before the votes were cast. >> i thought that reforming the "three strikes" law in this way would make the punishment fit the crime. >> reporter: santa clara county has 550 three strikes cases where inmates are serving sentences of 25 years to life in prison. of those, the d.a. determined 118 cases are eligible for early release under prop 36. they are cases that involve nonviolent offenders who have been already served as many as 10 years in prison. >> a typical fact pattern being prior burglary offenses and the new offense being drug possession or petty theft or writhing a bad check. >> reporter: this man supports prop 36 because it refocuses
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three strikes on the violent offenders. >> it's more fair because sometimes it takes people a while to learn from their mistakes and the last mistake could be the last mistake that puts themlife. so if it's minor it guests them a fighting chance. >> reporter: he says prop 36 won't be like a green light to get out of prison. even the cases he says are eligible could still be held up by the inmates' own behavior. >> one of the factors that a court will consider in deciding whether to resentence someone will be how they behaved while they were in prison so that requires us to get the records from the prison and that will take some amount of time. >> reporter: now, you can bet the news about prop 36 is spreading quickly throughout the prison system. and folks coming back to santa clara county might be the first off because the filtering process that all the counties are going to have to go through, dana, has already been done here. so they will be the first out. what has to take place is hearings and they will be scheduled probably here within the next three to six months.
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>> len ramirez in san jose, thank you. new details on a police raid at some mountain view apartments. state and local law enforcement teams served four search warrants on bush street around noon. they turned up a shotgun, drugs and a suspected drug lab. at least two people were arrested. investigators say the drug lab was being used to make meth or a synthetic hallucinogen called dmt. neighbors tipped off police. homeowners in an upscale oakland neighborhood are so fed up with crime they are ready to pay to feel safer. them to pay to open their own police station and pay police officers. da lin reports. >> reporter: a trip in the oakland hills you will notice most houses have an alarm system. yet many homeowners in this oakmore neighborhood say they have been burglarized. >> both my daughter's cars have
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been broken into. my cousin's car was stolen. it was rifled through for the fourth time yesterday after being returned. >> reporter: they say what this community really needs is more cops patrolling the streets and because the oakland plymouth is stretched so thin the neighborhood association is pursuing an idea never done before in the bay area. they want to donate to a fund to help the police department hire officers that would only apatrol the oaklan hills approved during the neighborhood meeting last night where they invited city leaders and the police chief. >> $100 per home times 10,000 homes is a million dollars. >> reporter: this woman with the oakmore neighborhood association doesn't want to be identified fearing burglars would target her home. she says her association and other neighborhoods up here are in talks with property owners to find a place to open a new police substation in the montclair district. >> i think that if everybody pulls together that it's a very doable thing. >> before they can move forward
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with this idea, they need the approval from the mayor and the police chief. they say the mayor has not responded back to them. both the mayor and the police chief tell me they are not ready to comment on this at this time. in oakland, i'm da lin, cbs 5. two east palo alto women are in custody suspected of committing more than a dozen home burglaries in the bay area. police arrested them last week in los altos. today officers showed us some of the loot they found in the women's car. police believe they are behind 15 residential bliss since june in santa clara, san mateo, and contra costa county. >> we have identified and contacted a number of victims. but there are still many victims out there so we are going to be working with the neighboring law enforcement agencies to identify those victims and hopefully have them come to the police department and hopefully identify some of their stolen items. >> both women face burglary and
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possession of drugs. still raining in the bay area and in some places now the coldest it's been since early spring. we see a 40 out there? meteorologist paul deanno. >> right now in santa rosa it is down to 48 degrees. you're likely going to the upper 30s tonight. napa 52. fairfield, concord 50. san jose 53 degrees. monday of this week, san jose you hit a record high of 85. this afternoon 30 degrees cooler. rainfall not widespread. rain around the lunch hour. fremont getting some rain. union city along 680 and 880. and the los altos hills some light rain showers. what can we expect moving forward? lows tonight upper 30s to mid- 40s. coldest night in a couple of months. on and off rainfall continuing tomorrow with small hail possible and a slight chance of thunderstorms. we have even bigger changes coming up for the weekend. i'll have that coming up in 10
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minutes. a second day of flight delays at sfo but not because of the rain here. the nor'easter pelting parts of the east coast cancelled a dozen flights to and from the airport today on top of the 31 flights canceled yesterday. the good news, flights at all new york area airports are getting back on schedule. airlines don't expect any more disruptions tomorrow but the problems on the ground still remain. thousands who had just had their power restored after superstorm sandy have lost it again. the nor'easter left a blanket of thick wet snow on the streets and trees, which were already weakened by the hurricane. now the snow is starting to melt, which is filling the streets with filthy sludge. needless to say, the area is in deep need of help and that's where your come in. we're heading into the final stretch of our all day long telethon raising money for the
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red cross and sandy relief efforts. roberta gonzales has been womaning the phones since before sunrise. roberta, there's still a lot more work to be done now, huh? >> reporter: the telethon officially closes down at 7:00 but that doesn't mean you need to stop giving. we want your support even after 7:00 tonight. this just happens to be cbs 5, all our radio stations owned by cbs and also the cw, who have come together collectively to join forces with the american red cross to be sure we get the money we're raising here to new york, new jersey, philadelphia and connecticut. who can tell us more about that than ceo of the american red cross mr. harold brooks. thank you so much for joining us here it evening. >> thank you. >> reporter: while i have been manning the phones people ask if i make a donation, $1, $10, $500, $1,000, does every penny go to the american red cross? >> it does. and we are going to see to it that it's there to take care of the many needs of the people who are suffering as a result
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of this terrible disaster. >> reporter: when you see these phones or hear these phones and see these people working nonstop around the clock, are you amazed by the support of the bay area? >> i'm continually inspired and amazed by the generosity, the outpouring of love that comes from the people of the bay area. it's the most wonderful place on the planet. really proud to be here and to serve the communities here. watch how we serve the people throughout the nation. >> reporter: one thing that i have found true is people here in the west coast say we have earthquakes, harm in disasters. this is a natural disaster that happened on the east coast. someone who has visited natural disasters himself ken bastida anchor here at cbs 5, what do you think when you see all this inspiration taking place today? >> it's amazing. it's outpouring. but it's so needed right now, roberta. these people are really hurting. with the photographs behind the us and everybody watching the news and night and seeing and hearing desperation in people's voices. the red cross is here to help and we're going to help too. anybody who calls up for $500
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you mention my name say you want to take my tour of the station, for $500 donation, i will take you personally around the station, show you mobile5, show you the anchor desk, everything. >> reporter: he is trying to up my game! >> you got it. >> they could be celebrity weathercaster if they drop my name. right now the total so far, drum roll... $105,000! wow! and we still have until 7:00. please keep calling. >> that's so awesome. you know, roberta i had a woman call me, she said, i have $30 in my bank account. and i'd like to donate 10. is that okay? i said, that is -- she could have given me $100,000. that amount of money is so important. every penny that comes in makes a huge difference. the red cross takes that money and they spend it in the location where people are hurting giving back not only to the people but to the economy. they buy food there, supplies, they buy heat and gas and it's
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an amazing, amazing gift. if you can give anything, it goes directly to the people who need it. 105 grand. way to go. all right. we're there until 7:00 right, roberta? >> reporter: we love you, bay area. thank you for having so much heart. >> big heart. all right. thanks. we'll check back with you. the homosexual sodomy movement is attacking chik-fil- a because it supports traditional normal american values. >> the dueling protests at the bay area's newest chik-fil-a. >> bay area drivers willing to wait in traffic. we are going to show you the goal at the end of that gridlock. it is a jammed- packed, grad [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was.
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opening for the paragon outt mall in livermore. the parking lot was full by midy
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hoppers headed to was a jam-packed grand opening for the paragon outlet mall in livermore. the parking lot was full by midday as they headed to the biggest outlet mall in the bay area. this was the scene this afternoon on i-580. that's the parking lot. there's the interstate. cars backing up to get there. they're still there. the mall shoppers mixing in with the evening commute. it's become quite the mess. big draw is the 130 stores right off of 580 in el charro road. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman spent the day with those determined shoppers. >> reporter: they are living large in livermore. "fiscal cliff"? not here. this is an outlet mall the first one built in years the
6:16 pm
only one in the east bay and the opening stopped traffic. very heavy continues continue through the livermore valley lots of people heading to the new paragon outlet stores off el charro road. >> reporter: this traffic is for a mall. what do you think? >> usually 30, 35 minutes away but today an hour and a half. >> we have the cozy top. she is also wearing our famous cozy. >> reporter: line out the door of prada. 1,000 bucks what would it be normally? >> about 2,000. >> reporter: 2,000? it's a 50% discount. >> females love coach. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's free advertising. got a big name, coach, on it. >> yeah. >> reporter: they should be paying you. >> i would hope so one day at least. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: mind if i take a
6:17 pm
bite? that line is long. thank you. >> would you like to try one for today? >> reporter: that's that? >> looking for the wife. >> reporter: you lost your wife? >> yeah. >> reporter: you figure she would be in prada? >> should be. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: this place will mean that $2 million a year to the steve livermore, 2,000 jobs here. and dana, this weekend they are expecting 100,000 people. >> wow. >> a lot of shopping going on. >> that woman bought a $2,000 bag and it was half off for $1,000? >> yeah. >> a purse? >> reporter: it's a purse and says coach on it and you're
6:18 pm
advertising for them. >> right. by the way, dkny? dana king new york. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i didn't know that. okay. [ laughter ] >> i got it now. >> but now it's dksf. got to go. buh-bye. thanks. [ laughter ] >> i don't know if i'm shopping there. i just don't know. the grand opening of a chik- fil-a is ruffling a few feathers at walnut creek today. both sides of the marriage equality debate protesting at the new fast food chicken restaurant on north main street in walnut creek. chik-fil-a's ceo spoke out against same-sex marriage over the summer. that has prompted protests and shows of support at his restaurants around the country. no different today in walnut creek. >> i could do work or i could go and stand for equality. it's a no-brainer for me. >> the homosexual sodomy movement is attacking chik-fil- a because of their support of traditional american values of
6:19 pm
normal values. so we're here to defense those values. >> despite the protests, chilling filet's spokeswoman says a steady stream of came to the store at chik-fil-a all day long. we had a steady stream of rai today, pouring. >> it went from nothing to everything in 10 minutes. >> and heavy. >> jarring change. we started off with sunshine and then here comes the rain and cold and we are transitioning to a different season. hello, winter. hello san francisco, looking gorgeous after the sun has set, golden gate off to the top right of your television screen. 50 for concord, livermore 52, santa rosa 48. we had some sunshine today. we had some rain showers today. combine the two like we did in san bruno and you get this a beautiful shot of a rainbow off 380. you can see off in the distance there beautiful rainbow. many rainbows throughout the bay area today because we had sunshine and showers. showers now on hi-def doppler,
6:20 pm
fremont just exiting fremont now hugging 680 heading toward pleasanton. that's about the only showers that i see outside right now. the south bay you're clearing out some heavier showers just about to move into the marin county coastline. overnight lows, chilly, oakland down to 47. redwood city 45. mountain view 47 degrees. as for what's going on, simply put, a very large and very strong area of upper level low pressure, that huge counterclockwise swirl there that's going to impact our weather until saturday afternoon keeping us chilly and showery. so low pressure getting closer to us tomorrow on and off rainfall once again on friday. friday night into saturday very chilly as the air is coming down from the arctic and then on sunday morning when we clear out you probably drop down to the 30s for lows. tomorrow 50s for highs. oakland 58. vallejo 57. san jose 57 degrees. extended forecast still wet saturday morning cleaning out and we'll have some sunshine saturday afternoon. cold start on sunday but a sunny finish. monday we're dry. showers return next tuesday and next wednesday and that is your chilly cbs 5 forecast.
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gives you that feeling of being part of something really important. >> war veterans honored in the bay area today. the sound that brought back memories of the vietnam war. they see themselves as ,,,,,,,,,,
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to kill ninety-nine-point-nine percent of odor causing bacteria and reduce plaque. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture, use polident® everyday. this has been medifacts for polident®. some of the forgotten men of forgotten men of the vietnam war. more than one hundred s got together today to tell r stories. cbs makovec on t they see themselves as some of the forgotten men of the vietnam war. more than 100 vets got together today to tell their stories. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec on the role the coast guard played in vietnam. >> reporter: and with the sound of a huey chopper, memories of the vietnam era came rushing back. >> i joined the coast guard at
6:24 pm
the peak of the draft call. and they didn't tell you which coast you were going to guard. >> reporter: it turns out it was in the south pacific and after his tour of duty in vietnam, roger and his comrades have had a public relations issue. >> wearing this hat, i have had people say to me, oh, you weren't actually in vietnam, were you? well, yes, in fact i was. >> reporter: today on coast guard island, the gathering for about 100 coast guard vets. >> people don't recognize the coast guard in any many ways anyway. >> reporter: bill wells wants people to know what he went through on a boat like this one in the vietnam war. >> we were actually involved in some firings. we were fired at, you know, we shot back and they missed us and we probably missed themselves every several times. >> reporter: the veterans here came from all over the country to share their stories. >> this is part of our own personal pride, first of all. and then it's part of our legacy or the people that come after us need to know these things too, it's history.
6:25 pm
>> it gives you a feeling of being part of something really important and big. >> reporter: the coast guard holds events like this once a year honoring veterans of various wars. on coast guard island, anne makovec, cbs 5. coming up in the next half hour peeking over the edge of that so-called "fiscal cliff." >> there's something in here for everyone to dislike. >> if congress can't come it a compromise, how the crisis could cut into your paycheck. >> gabrielle giffords face to face with the man who shot her. the sentence for jared lee loughner and what giffords's husband said to the gunman. >> a bay area fire agency equipped with ipads. how the technology is changing the way firefighters do their jobs. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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see so-called "fiscal cliff." >> the so-called "fiscal cliff." >> looms the so-called "fiscal cliff." >> the looming "fiscal cliff." >> the impending "fiscal cliff." >> and it's just getting started. now at 6:30, it's looming, it's impending. it's the term coined by the fed chair ben bernanke. and it's the first crisis president obama will have to
6:29 pm
tackle even before his second term gets under way. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee walks us to the precipice and looks over the edge of that "fiscal cliff." >> reporter: let me tell you it's scary and there's a reason they call it a cliff. it's designed to be drastic and painful. this is to force congress in a action. so if you are at home thinking it's not going to affect you you're wrong. if congress and the president cannot work out a deal before the end of the year, coming soon a very big dent in your wallet. >> we won't solve the problem of the fiscal balance overnight. >> compromise is not a dirty word. >> reporter: but as we have seen in the past compromise is not easu for congress since it has done nothing to solve our "fiscal cliff" problem so far and the clock is ticking. >> there's something in here for everyone to dislike. >> reporter: an economist explains, it's a combination of massive tax increases while the government cuts back $100 billion in spending.
6:30 pm
it is a bad recipe for the economy and for the average californian. can. >> the average person and almost every one of us will notice it very severely because it will affect how much is taken out of our weekly paychecks. and it will become very apparent very quickly. and it will be painful. >> reporter: the average household could pay an extra $2,000 to $3,000 in taxes. 1200 government programs will be cut. and it could increase the unemployment rate from 7.9 to 9%. for others, it could actually be worse. take a single mother with two children making $50,000 a year. if we go over the "fiscal cliff," she will pay an extra $1,000 for an increase in social security taxes, another thousand dollars because her child deductions will be halved, and more than $1,000 because the bush-era income tax cuts are set to expire. that's $3,000 out of her paychecks next year.
6:31 pm
>> the reason this is going to be a problem for the economy is it's large and will hit suddenly unless we're smart enough to fix this. >> reporter: let's hope we are. it's not just your money and job. think about the big picture. if we're making less we're spending less which means the economy slows even more. and this means going over the "fiscal cliff" could mean another painful recession and that's why it's scary. >> let's hope the word compromise starts to be used a lot. thank you. stocks fell for a second straight day because of the potential for gridlock in washington. the dow lost 121 points today. yesterday, it plunged 313. the nasdaq and s&p dropped by double digits today. samsung's galaxy s3 overtook apple's iphone 4s as the word's best selling smartphone for the first time. boston-based strategy analytics says that the s3 shipped 18
6:32 pm
million units in the 3rd quarter of this year. the iphone 4 in the meantime shipped just over 16 million units. but samsung's lead will likely be short-lived. by the time the third quarter ended on september 30, the iphone 5 had sold an estimated 6 million units. this just in. a woman is being treated tonight for pepper spray injuries after she was robbed of her smartphone. san francisco police say the suspects were two women. they approached the victim, late this afternoon at 19th and harrison streets, sprayed her with the pepper spray, grabbed her phone and took off in a white car. the case of the 2011 tucson shooting is officially closed. today the gunman was sent to prison for the rest of his life and as edward lawrence reports, of the survivors are now ready to get on with their lives. >> reporter: police escorted the suv carrying jared loughner to his sentencing for the shooting rampage that killed six and wounded 13 others, including gabrielle giffords.
6:33 pm
the former congresswoman faced her shooter for the first time in court today. her husband astronaut mark kelly helped her to the podium. he told her, you tried to create a world as dark as yours but failed adding, you may have put a bullet through her head, but you haven't put a dent in her spirit. loughner showed little emotion as victims addressed him one by one. susan heilman who was shot while trying to save her 9-year- old neighbor said, quote, you pointed a weapon and shot me three times. and now i walk out of this courtroom and into the rest of my life and i won't think of you again. giffords' former congressional aide ron barbour was also wounded. he served out the rest of the congresswoman's turned. >> i turned to mr. loughner and said, i hold no hatred for you but i am very, very angry and sick at heart about what you did. >> reporter: when the judge sentenced loughner to seven life terms plus 140 years in prison, his mother put her head down and cried uncontrollably. the 24-year-old loughner pleaded guilty three months ago
6:34 pm
under a deal that spared the victims from reliving the ordeal in a lengthy trial. >> i believe that i can find peace and closure in meaningful positive actions and in compassion and forgiveness. >> reporter: loughner has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. the judge recommended he return to the prison medical facility in missouri where he has been for more than a year to serve his sentence. edward lawrence for cbs news, tucson, arizona. life-saving information at the fingertips of firefighters. how new ipads allow a bay area fire department to do what it could never do before. >> you could save money if you shop right now. the five things that are better to buy in november. over here we have oakland mayor quan over here san francisco mayor lee. and they challenge you to represent. call now 1-888-5-helps-u. eyewitness news returns right after this.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15%
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen.
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today, the menlo park fire protection district unveilew i-pads b new technology allowing firefighters to help people in new ways. today the menlo park fire protection district unveiled new ipads being used in 7 front line fire engines. using them in all sorts of ways from getting a victim's medical information to looking up detailed information about specific building plans. >> we're not wasting personnel time, not having point failures, not creating more work. we are making it something them to use and that works. does a better job to help us protect the community. >> several other areas use the ipads. whether you're planning a wedding or cook thanksgiving
6:38 pm
dinner you can save money by shopping right now. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook on the five things that are cheaper in november. >> reporter: it's amazing what people will do for a good deal. instead of saving your pennies for black friday madness -- >> seems like there's good deals in there. >> reporter: it may be time warm up your wallet. according to deal news online stores for all things discounted this is the perfect time to shop if you are in the market for five very specific items starting with cookware. >> it's not a popular christmas gift. so these have to be sold during november. otherwise, for the holidays, it's a no go. >> reporter: and tools. >> this is not the time of year this most men will buy tools for themselves. that tends to be more spring. >> reporter: and from tools to tool. if you are in the market for a wedding dress now is the time to buy. >> the holidays are the top time for engagements but they are the bottom time for wedding
6:39 pm
so wedding dresses will be on sale. >> reporter: add candy, turkey and last but not least, fall clothing. >> fall merchandise, they want to get rid of it. >> reporter: deals so good you may have your shopping done weeks before turkey day. but let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> i have heard like in december, december even better. >> reporter: in san francisco, elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >> back in the dark, right after getting power back. >> all of a sudden, and there we are back in the middle ages. >> oh, the damage from the nor'easter in spots already weary from superstorm sandy. >> did you find the umbrella in time? did you find your scarf in time? it's going to get chilly tonightful here's hi-def doppler. new showers moving into marin county. we'll talk about how cold it's going to get this weekend and have your full seven-day forecast coming up. the warriors got bad news.
6:40 pm
i'm dennis o'donnell? >> a former giant held nothing back after what happened on "survivor." it's gone viral. it's coming up. ,,,,,,
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alls every ofall all of us express our support for those who are affected by hurricane sandy. call the number at the bottom of your screen and make a donation to the american red cross. they are working hard to help our friends and neighbors in need. thank you very much for your support. >> a nor'easter was another blow to people in new york and new jersey who were still reeling from superstorm sandy. ines ferre shows us how the blast of cold came with more painful power outages. >> reporter: utility jews are working around the clock it clean up after a nor'easter brought snow and took down trees in an area already weary from superstorm sandy. residents to have been dealing with cold and darkness since sandy struck more than a week ago say they are at their
6:44 pm
breaking point. >> for this to happen again so soon, you feel very frustrated and angry. >> reporter: wednesday's storm interrupted the recovery process across new jersey and new york. but also caused hundreds of thousands of new outages. many had just gotten their power back only to see it knocked out again. there we are back in the middle ages. >> reporter: officials say it could have been worse. >> believe it or not the snow was helpful. it wasn't rain. and so it helped on the flooding side. >> reporter: here in hard hit rockaway beach sand is the problem. trucks have been working all day to clear mountains of it from the streets. >> did the boiler company take a look at this? >> reporter: at saint rose of lima in the rockaways, the priest stayed behind for his parishioners when sandy hit. >> i hugged them and they
6:45 pm
cried. >> reporter: some who lost everything planned to move away. >> but we don't give up. >> reporter: the weather should be better with temperatures in fact 60s by the beginning of next week. ines ferre for cbs news rockaway beach, new york. temperatures rising thankfully on the east coast. temperatures falling here on the west coast. blue canyon hello winter, hello snow. not much. it's a winter weather advisory three to seven inches of snow in the sierra. inching our way closer to winter and see ski season. the atmosphere will be cold enough some high hilltops will see snow showers tomorrow. 3500 feet. snow showers on mount saint helena snow showers there anywhere above 3500 feet snow showers possible tomorrow. speak of the santa clara valley, if you are down in san jose or campbell may see showers. cloudy, chilly in the south bay right now.
6:46 pm
hi-def doppler peck up a few showers moving into marin county from southwest to northeast. inverness showers now towards petaluma before 7:00 getting wet in petaluma also novato. check out these lows tonight. it's going to get chilly. napa 41. livermore 42. concord 43. redwood city 45. free. you will drop down to 44 degrees. there's something significant happening here. we are talking about things that are not normal because this weather pattern has quickly become not normal. counterclockwise flow around low pressure. that's the rule of nature in the norther hemisphere. it's heading toward the bay area. the location will be key. it's next to us giving us an unstable atmosphere. on and off rainfall once again tomorrow. sun at times, rain at times with that low snow level but look where it will be on saturday into saturday night. as it moves out, we're on the western side. that's the side where all the cold air is getting dragged down from the arctic from alaska all the way down. the air will modify by the time
6:47 pm
it makes it to california but it will be chilly 50s for highs on saturday and 30s for lows on saturday night. rain chances will be around until lunchtime on saturday. thunderstorms possible tomorrow, small hail, snow level 3500 feet. sunday morning lows in the 30s perhaps even here in san francisco and oakland. pretty chilly 55 for san francisco. livermore 57 a dozen degrees below average. san jose 57. campbell los gatos upper 50s. upper 50s walnut creek, pleasant hill, vallejo and mid- to upper 50s for novato south of kentfield. sausalito, san francisco, only 55 degrees, chilly for your friday. cold start on sunday with sunshine to finish. mid-60s for veterans day. monday dry, showers back on tuesday and wednesday. our focus is on the devastation
6:48 pm
caused by super storm sandy back east. roberta gonzales has been at the center of the telethon all day long. >> reporter: the hurricane relief fund telethon has been going on since 6:00 this morning. the bay area mayors join me now. mayor quan from oakland, good evening. and mayor lee from san francisco. >> good evening. >> let's beginning on the east bay side first off. with hurricane sandy and devastation on the east coast what was the first thing that came to your mind. there are two first -- right away on my facebook i said, you know, watch what's happening in new york and new jersey. many people don't have 72 hours worth of food and water and particularly the seniors very hard hit so please store up 72 hours of food and water and check on your neighbors even in a little power outage. seniors can be particularly vulnerable. the second thing is, you know, oakland, the bay area, we live on borrowed time. i really want people to give to the red cross and to join their
6:49 pm
neighborhood core groups which in oakland is citizens organized to respond to emergencies. >> so be prepared. mayor lee you said something interesting earlier about how the bay area has responded to this crisis. >> first of all, thanks to cbs and american red cross for joining together with mayor quan and i. this is so important for u. our hearts go out to the victims. this is why i wanted to spend time here tonight to raise money and resources and for san francisco, we always expect our own disaster to becoming and we are getting prepared for it. right now it's about uniting this country and i'm glad to be the mayor of this city with one residents of the bay area contributing to the american red cross. >> harold brick, come on in. bruno cohen our boss ceo and president -- excuse me, general manager of cbs. thank you so much for
6:50 pm
organizing all this here tonight. can we have a total drum roll? $111,423! that's just from telephone calls. we still have people trying to get in but the lines are busy sodo nature online. on behalf of the hurricane relief fund, broo unno? >> it's a privilege for us to participate and we are glad to make a difference. >> and the ceo of the american rocks red cross. >> thank you to kpix, the mayors and the team. what a wonderful, wonderful place the bay area is. >> reporter: you still have time to donate. 1-888-5-helps-u. allen and elizabeth it's been a remarkable and for me a historic day right here in the bay area. hey, eyewitness news we're not going anywhere. we'll be back after this brief time-out.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
warriors got some negative s today... center andrew bogus being shut down for the next 7-10 d after a positive 3-2 starts to the season the warriors got bad news. andrew bogut shut down for the next seven to 10 days. >> healthy enough to play. >> apparently, he wasn't healthy enough then and definitely isn't healthy now. bogut wasn't moving around at 100% on the surgically repaired ankle last night against the
6:54 pm
cavs played 17 minutes didn't score. the decision is to sit on his own. the dejected bogut addressed the media today saying he rushed back that soon. >> this is not a setback. it's us staying true to the process. >> still a little bit of a struggle to push off the ankle and -- it's more just power and, you know, quick movement stuff what i'm struggling with so i feel like a liability because i can't rebounded, i can't move the way i'd like to. so going to try to get it right the next 7 to 10 days and see hour response. >> bogut is no doubt singing the blues. that's much better than singing karaoke. check out mavericks center dirk novitzky's impersonation of bruce springsteen. [ singing off key ] [ indiscernible ]
6:55 pm
[ born in the usa ] ♪ i was born in the usa >> ladies and gentlemen, dirk novitzky has left the building. thank god. houston and chicago sunday night. bears star is expecting the couple's fourth child. the debate is whether kill man should play football or be at the birth. i put this question to 49ers defensive coordinator today. have you ever been in a position where you wish the player played instead of being at the birth of his child? >> absolutely. [ laughter ] >> we only play 16 games a year. you know? that's the equivalent of missing one of those games that would be the equivalent of somebody in a normal job of missing four weeks for a birth
6:56 pm
of a child. talking about it that way. >> now, if you were the player, what would you do? >> i'm going to take the fifth on that. [ laughter ] [ "survivor" music ] ♪ [ music ] >> ninth person voted out in the second member of our jury. >> jeff. >> please bring your torch. >> that vote may go down as one of the biggest blown opportunities in the history of this game. >> in case you missed it, in an unexpected move former giants all-star jeff kent was voted off "survivor" last night. a bitter kent talked about the tribal council. >> you know pisses me off? it's not even a million bucks. it's $600,000 by the time obama takes it. i'm a game 7 world series loser. i played in the biggest games in the world and the worst games in the world. but this just sucks.
6:57 pm
>> wow. >> how does really feel? >> that tells you everything about jeff kent. he was so competitive on the field, didn't matter what he did. he wanted to win. he wanted to win that game. now he's out. >> but you know what? it's only 600 grand. but what is that? i mean -- >> i'll take it. >> yeah. >> hello? >> jeff, get some perspective. >> it's not about the money. he wants to win. >> yeah. whatever. >> blaming obama for his troubles. >> and that is a more waaahh. >> should have had we call the wambulance? [ laughter ] >> what's the matter, paul? [ laughter ] captions by: caption colorado ,,,,
6:58 pm
[ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
6:59 pm
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